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The SoFi Hawaii Bowl announced Sunday that the game, which is owned by ESPN and an ESPN event, will be played on Saturday, December 30 at 7: 30 pm (ET) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Boise State football team will travel to Honolulu for first time in school history without any complications with COVID-19.

If Boise State can get enough players on a plane across the Pacific to Honolulu, they will see if they can overcome the combination of COVID-19 and injuries. If the game, which is supposed to be moved to a neutral venue in Las Vegas, falls during the week, it will be moved to Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, where Brent Brennan's team will be at risk.

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Ikaika, based in Hanalei, Kauai, has captured weddings and elopement photographs in Kauaii, Hawaii and around the world. ThinkTech Hawaii will be broadcast live from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., followed by the early night show.

Otherwise, the only way for Hawaiians to see Hawaii play against New Mexico in front of the empty orange stands is to register for PPV. The South Dakota game, the team's first home game since the 2012 season opener against Washington, will be limited in number. You can buy a fan clip that will appear at Aloha Stadium 50. Hawaii will wear retro duds against the nation's top-ranked team, Washington, on Saturday, September 23. It is also the first time in more than a decade that Hawaii has played Washington in a non-conference game in Honolulu.

Boise State leads the all-time series 14-3 against Hawaii and has won the last eight matchups between the teams. BYU holds an all-time record of 23-8 against Hawaii, including 13-8 at Aloha Stadium. In fact, Hawaii's only regular-season loss to BYU came in a 31-14 loss on September 1, 2002, at Al Honolulu Stadium, and its only win against BYU at home in a non-conference game.

Hawaii's record against UNLV is 11-3, but the Rainbow Warriors have won five of their last six games and a loss to the 19th-ranked Broncos could go a long way toward alleviating BYU's final defeat. The Rainbowrights have struggled on the road this season, losing four of their last five road games against non-conference opponents. 13 road to Illinois, which is the only two teams they have. Ve, who are in the same class as Washington, while they have also lost by 25 or more on the road in Oregon.

Hawaii is a fabulous place to visit and sports fans should take any excuse they can find to make the trip. Aloha Stadium may be missing, but next time you think of your favorite team playing against the Rainbow Warriors, consider it an opportunity to behave in Hawaii, let alone take a trip.

Music is also a big part of Hawaiian culture, and the opportunity to hear the national song in your native language and experience the Maori war dance is a great reason to visit the Aloha Stadium when you come to the island. You will also witness Haka, the traditional Maori war dance, being performed. Unlike the last opponents the Rainbow Warriors football program faced, the Running Rebels will be in this competition, as it will be their first appearance in Hawaii. With more than 5% of Hawaii's population being Latter-day Saints, a sell-out is not an issue.

Several of the Rainbow Warriors' offensive weapons will have the opportunity to shine Sunday night, and the Spartans have what it takes. Hawaii's offensive line is unusual in that it goes from one feast to the next, with passing play taking a back seat in most of their games this season. Against Nevada, Hawaii proved how difficult it can be to leave Aloha Stadium undefeated, but they could turn the game around against a statistically inferior defense.

That's exactly what the Huskies found in Hawaii and made it perfect with an upset. Hawaii is the first all-time winner with a 2-0 win over the Spartans and a 3-3 win over the USA in the Hawaii Bowl.

Hilo had a home run and two doubles for the UH Vulcans, and their pitching staff held the host Hawaiian to just five hits. The loss to the Rainbow Warriors also marked the most points Hawaii has ever scored and the most the Cougars have ever surrendered. The Rainbow Warriors were hoping to end their 19-year-shortened season in a positive fashion, but they could go - with victory.

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