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In the early 1990s, a revolution began called Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, a mix of cuisines that has created local food styles unique to Hawaii, leading to the creation of some of the world's most popular food brands, such as Kona, Oahu, and Maui. The third segment of food is the food of the islands of Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii Islands, Kaua'i and Kauai. Hawaiian - themed restaurants in Hawaii and helped to open up the contiguous United States and a number of other countries. To highlight and focus the unique flavors and aromas of Hawaiian food from the Hawaiian Islands, we have focused on three main food groups: Hawaiian rice, Hawaiian rice, and Hawaiian pork.

Today, these restaurants are known for their classic Hawaiian dishes, made with rice, pork and other ingredients from the islands of Hawaii, Kaua'i, Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

Similar to the giant Spam sushi, the 7-Eleven Spam Musubi is an iconic school snack for Hawaii children. These musubis can be found in many restaurants in Hawaii, Kaua'i, Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

Poke, which means "cut across" in Hawaii, is also one of the most popular poke dishes in Hawaii and a staple in many restaurants. Traditional Hawaiian poke dishes are seasoned with crushed or roasted kukui nuts mixed with salt and all sorts of seaweed found anywhere outside Hawaii. This coconut milk concoction has influenced other desserts, with traditional desserts served with coconut cream, coconut ice cream and even a coconut cake.

There is also a variety of Hawaiian specialties available at local grocery stores and restaurants in Hawaii. For a local shaving ice joint, visit the Hawaiian Shave Ice Company in Kailua-Kilauea or the Kona Shaving Club in Waikiki.

Eating cupcakes, "where you can eat a cupcake with cream coconut cheese, coconut milk, peanut butter and a pinch of vanilla ice cream.

A "where they offer a cupcake with coconut cream, coconut milk, peanut butter and a pinch of vanilla ice cream on the cake.

Haili's is a family run hole in the wall that has been making traditional Hawaiian cuisine since the 1950s. Helena's Hawaiian food is not particularly chic, but the Michelin - a local-star restaurant - is responsible for coding traditional Hawaiian cuisine as we know it. The restaurant serves local fish tacos, which you can enjoy while listening to the waves crashing just a few meters away. For a classic Hawaiian dish, visit James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurant owner Michael Krieger and his family.

Royal Hawaiian was one of the first major hotels to be built directly on Waikiki's coast, and it also houses many of Oahu's most popular restaurants and bars. Michelas is one of the longest restaurants in O Hawaii and is consistently rated as the best restaurant in the city and the second best in Hawaii. Hawaiian surfer and Olympian Duke Kahanamoku , the restaurant named after him, but also a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with some of the best seafood in Hawaii.

To top off a great Hawaiian meal, it is a very pleasant necessity to enjoy freshly grown Hawaiian fruits. If you get a Hawaiian pizza in Hawaii, you should look at the places where you get it. I recommend to take one of the pizzas as an appetizer and the other as part of the main meal.

If you ever head to the north coast of Oahu, check out the Kahuku Superette and take a slice of this delicious Hawaiian pizza with a side of fresh pineapple. If you're looking for a bomb with garlic shrimp, look no further than this restaurant. It is mandatory to pick them up at one of the restaurants on the west coast of Hawaii, especially in the Waikiki area.

The Vegan Hills are located in Kaimuki, which is only a few kilometers north of the capital Honolulu and about an hour and a half south of Waikiki.

The authentic Hawaiian cuisine offers dishes that have been prepared on the Hawaiian islands for decades. Ancient customs have filled the global influences that have been brought to Hawaii over many generations, giving local food culture more layers than Maui onions. Because modern Hawaiian dishes and dishes are so popular, Hawaii maintains its traditional cuisine.

We will introduce you to the best restaurants in Waikiki and 10 great places in Honolulu where you can sample Hawaiian food. Whether you're a foodie traveling to O'ahu or someone just looking for good food without much to eat, there's nothing wrong with Hawaii. Stay at WaIKiki in downtown Honolulu and enjoy one of these iconic restaurants that offer Hawaiian cuisine, including Roy's and Chef Mavro. They are unpretentious, very hearty and offer a wide selection of dishes from local and international chefs.

This creation features a Polynesian vanilla cream - a croissada with sweet and savoury coconut cream sauce. You can also enjoy fresh Hawaiian dishes at one of the many restaurants in the Waikiki area, such as Alohas Hawaiian Kitchen. This combination plate is offered in two flavors, which locals call "aloha" and "aina."

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