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As the most urban and populous of the Hawaiian islands, Oahu is a popular destination for travelers who prefer a lively and active vacation to tranquility and tranquility. The clearest waters in Hawaii are along the west coast, however, and the farthest attractions are only an hour's drive away, no matter where visitors are. The island is small, so there are few beaches here and many are rocky, but miles of beaches surround the island to paddle in kayaks or explore the steep cliffs of Na Pali on the coast.

In about 90 minutes, travelers can leave the dry west coast and head to Waimea, a green rainforest under thick clouds covered by lush blossoms of glittering white sand. A boat train serves as transportation for guests to and from the resort, and interactive dolphin swimming lessons are offered on site. The colorful Waimesa Canyon, which opens onto the ocean on the east side of Oahu's largest island, is covered in dense rainforest and thick clouds, but lush blossoms bloom in the sun and the bright white sand of Na Pali Beach.

Guests receive free admission to several arts and cultural events, including the annual Waimea Festival of Arts and Culture and the Waimesa Cultural Festival. The fee is charged, but there are various special events offered, such as concerts, art performances, concerts and other events on the beach.

For reservations, please call 1-888-543-4357 to obtain more information about the special events at the hotel and the clothes you bring with you. Enjoy the stunning views of Waimea Beach and the Waimesa River and enjoy the beach views from the rooftop pool of the resort and the poolside dining area.

Continue on Pali and the 83 Kahekili Highway to Waimea Falls Park and then take the highway for a short distance to Waimesa Beach.

After returning to Waikiki, visit Missouri Riverfront Park on the east side of the island before heading west on the H-1 And then the Kahekili Highway to Oahu.

Drive approximately 14 miles north, then take the Kahekili Highway to Oahu and then take the H-1 and continue north on the Mauna Kea Highway for the rest of the way. From here, you can access the west side of Hawaii via the Waikiki Expressway and Kamehameha Highway (H1).

This stunning 1,800-acre park offers cliff diving and other fun experiences while on the island, and the park offers free shuttles to Waikiki. The main attraction here is the Must-See Museum and one of the most popular attractions on Oahu, the Halona Blowhole. On the westbound journey from Waianae, take the H-1 Freeway and pass Halonoa Blowholes. Take the Ko Olina exit to Paradise Cove and park in the parking lot for a free shuttle to the beach.

Each room at this property has its own pool, private beach and private spa, but all rooms have amenities such as monogrammed bathrobes and slippers, and private showers and showers.

Chic rooms and suites are available, with beach textures such as wood - weathered wood, leather and leather - incorporating into their design. Clever design features include four infinity pools that flow into the Pacific Ocean, as well as a private beach and spa with private showers.

The guarded area at the end of Road Hana makes it popular with families, as children can move around freely without any worries. Maui is also the best island for winter whale watching - sometimes you can see humpback whales from the coast, and boat trips are ideal for getting a good look at these magnificent animals. The waves tend to be larger in winter, especially on the north coast of the island.

It is worth taking a flight from Hilo to Big Island just to see the volcanoes, but it is also worth staying on the island as it has a great view of the volcano and many good food and drinks. You can also drive to Kailua - Kilauea, the largest city on Maui, for the best views of Kona, Kakaako and Oahu.

Flights between the islands usually cost $100 and about 30 minutes from Lihue, and flights between the islands usually cost $50 to Kailua-Kilauea, $60 to Oahu and $75 to Maui.

If you're looking for a place to relax and escape from everyday life, Oahu has plenty of hotels to offer. The only luxury resort on Maui offers a full-service spa, a spa and fitness center, and a golf course. This hotel has a long history of accolades, including the prestigious American Hotel and Lodging Association's "Best Western Hotel in Hawaii" award. It has hosted many celebrities, royalty and presidents, all of whom have been attracted by the privacy of the hotel.

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