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Honolulu is famous for its pristine white sand beaches and a dream destination for beachfront resorts. The bustling beach resort of Honolulu, with its beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, is one of those places where everything is designed so you don't have to leave the property.

There is also the Rainbow Revue and fireworks, which are worth seeing, as well as many other entertainment options. There is much to see and do if you are ready to walk the long walk from the hotel to the beach or even just a short walk along the coast. The Four Seasons Maui is one of the best of the four seasons in Hawaii, and there are also a number of other great hotels in the area, such as the Hilton Waikiki.

The Hilton Waikiki Beach will be cheaper, but there is no better one of the two locations, and the option of the Hilton in Waikiki is that you can book a one-room suite with a pull-out bed. In the area, we recommend eating together to enjoy the best and cheapest food and to look for a real Hawaiian experience.

Kapiolani Park is home to the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium, which are fun times for families with children. Unfortunately, the hotel is not located on the beach, so you will have to walk to the golden sand of WaIKiki Beach. If you live near this resort and want to see another area of Waixiki Beach, you can take a trip to Kailua-Kona, one of Hawaii's most popular tourist destinations.

There is an entrance at the back of the hotel where you can walk along the beach and reach Hilton Waikiki Village. Located on the top 37 floors of this hotel, the Executive Rooms at Hiltonwaikika Beach offer stunning views of Waixiki Beach and the surrounding area.

If you are excited to step onto Waikiki Beach, you will find that you can stay in one of the most beautiful hotels on the island of Hawaii. Step through the back door of this seaside resort and you are right in the heart of Honolulu's most popular tourist destination. Consider the view of Oahua Beach and Duke Kahanamoku Beach, located in front of the Hawaiian Hilton Village.

Tropics Bar and Grill is a step or two from Waikiki Beach and offers a sunset that only the Hawaiian sky can pull off. The resort is the perfect place to drink Mai Tais barefoot while watching the sunset. There is a large wellness centre integrated into WaIKiki, as well as a private pool, a wellness and fitness centre.

On the eastern edge of Waikiki, this 125-room beach resort in Honolulu is located right on the busy Sans Souci Beach. Although the rooms are not as outstanding as the rest of the resort, it has the best pool complex in the Hawaiian Islands. The main feature of this hotel is the 280,000 gallon Oceanarium, located just a few blocks from the hotel's main entrance. Founded in 1904 and managed by the University of Hawaii since 1919, WaIKiki Aquarium is also located on a living reef at the foot of Kilauea Island, a popular tourist destination for tourists from around the world.

Nothing says "I'm worth every penny" like living in a suite overlooking the sea and a full-service restaurant and bar.

With Leahi Diamond Head as a stunning backdrop, this modern Waikiki hotel offers a true Hawaiian paradise. Although it is not the best value in terms of points, it is quite special for the price. Halekulani, meaning "House of Heaven," is located on the second floor of the hotel, just a few blocks from the main entrance.

HGVC's apartments also include the Kalia Hotel, Kahului Hotel and Waikiki Resort & Spa, as well as a number of other hotels.

While here, Hilton Hawaiian Village makes sure you shop and eat as much as you would at any other hotel in the area. Even parking is free, although it usually includes a fee at the Grand Naniloa, so you don't really have to go somewhere else to spend your money. I booked a price stay and found a room that was not necessarily that expensive and did not even have to book a price

Depending on traffic conditions, it takes less than an hour to get to Hilton Hawaiian Village, or you can go there or take one of the open-air trolleys if you prefer. On the bright side, the Waikiki hotel is a convenient attraction and there are many restaurants and shops just a five minute drive away. If you are lucky enough to fly to Honolulu (HNL) or drive directly from Waikaiki to the resort, you will miss all the other islands. There are many other hotels in the area, including the Grand Naniloa Hotel and Hilton Honolulu.

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More About Honolulu