Hawaii crews help restore power after California wildfire

Published 11-25-2018

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HONOLULU (AP) - Thirty employees from Hawaii electricity utilities will be in wildfire-devastated Northern California to help restore power.

The employees from Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light will be helping Pacific Gas & Electric Company rebuild fire-damaged electrical infrastructure in Butte County, California.

Hawaiian Electric Companies said Friday this is the first time they are dispatching workers to a U.S.-mainland disaster through a mutual assistance agreement with western regional utilities.

The companies say PG&E asked Hawaii for help because many mainland utilities are working in areas damaged by hurricanes in Florida and the southeast.

The crews will be working 16-hour shifts for three weeks. PG&E will reimburse Hawaiian Electric Companies for all travel and labor expenses.

The nation's deadliest wildfire in the past century has killed at least 84 people.

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